Wednesday, May 16, 2012

OOTD: Work Anniversary

AKS and I went to the grocery store after I came home from work today. I was wearing this outfit and he was wearing a maroon Brooks Brothers bow tie with gold polka dots and a blue and white university stripe OCBD. At the store, a woman stopped me and AKS in the dairy aisle and said that she had been following us around the store. She told us that we "looked like a model couple" and she half expected us to break out into a song and dance. She then went on to say that we looked so good and that her and everyone else in the store looked like they were tired from working all day. (This wasn't true at all- she was adorable, and wearing a very fabulous orange and navy striped dress.) Then, the checkout girl asked us if we were on our way to a date because of the way we were dressed. We explained to her that, no, that's just how we always dress. I think most people are just surprised to see 20-somethings in Lubbock wearing clothes that aren't oversized t-shirts and flip flops.

The sun finally came out today after raining for a week- sandal time!

I love the cute coral tassels! I think preppy details like this really help pull an outfit together. 

Dress: J.Crew
Cardigan: Target
Belt: J.Crew Factory
Shoes: Tommy Hilfiger (found at T.J. Maxx)

In other news- today was my 1 year work anniversary! I can't believe I've been there for a whole year. It seems like I just started yesterday. I really love my job, and it's been made all the better because of my amazing co-workers. 

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