Monday, June 18, 2012

My HG Lilly Skirt and Summer Vacation

After waiting months for this skirt to go on sale, I finally found it for 50% off at my local Dillards! The colors in this skirt are bright and happy, and it's fun to find all the little details in each of the state patches. It's definitely my holy-grail Lilly skirt. 
Sandals: Tommy Hilfiger

And of course, the best accessory for any Lilly outfit is a pair of pearls! ;) 

I saw Snow White and the Huntsman this weekend. Visually, the movie was absolutely gorgeous. I'm not sure I buy the fact that Kristen Stewart is "fairer" than Charlize Theron, but at least her acting was much better in this film than it was in Twilight. I felt the plot left a little to be desired, but that's ok- I can overlook the plot issues because of Chris Hemsworth. Enough said. Watching Thor kick ass and take names as a grungy, drunk, Scotsman redeems almost any problems I had with the movie. I mean helloooo, look at this man. Does your movie suck? Just add Chris Hemsworth! Instant box-office success. 

In other news, I booked my flight to Miami today! My mom and I are flying to Miami in July for a girls-only vacation. I can't remember the last time I went on vacation, and I'm so excited I get to see my mom for a whole week! We're going to do Miami for a couple of days, and then we'll drive down and visit Key Largo, Islamorada, and Key West. I've already started packing in my mind... 

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